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The Yushinkan mon is a leaf of the Ginko, the Japanese nut tree (Ginko biloba). This mon is designed by Matieu Doorduyn from Yushinkan to increase the solidarity and to create an own identity.

Traditionally, the rules for the usages and creation of mon are very strict in Japan. On the one hand were many kamon very exclusive and only certain persons, families or organizations could use them. On the other hand, small details were changed in existing mon to create new ones. Nowadays, the usage of kamon is more free. This is why Yushinkan, under careful consideration, created this new mon with a traditional appearance. In Japan, this mon would fall in the icyou-category: a mon with one or more ginko leaves.

The decision on the ginko is not a coincidence. This tree is very important for Asian mythology. In Japan, we often find ginko around historical buildings and temples. The life expectancy for a ginko tree is very long, ginko trees of about 3,000 years are found. Ginko trees one of the oldest species of trees in the world, dating back around 270 million years. In Japan, the ginko is seen as a symbol of immutability, hope and timelessness. There is also a strong connection between ginko and Utrecht: the oldest ginko tree outside of the far east grows in the old hortus botanicus in the center of Utrecht. This connects the ginko with discipline in Utrecht, the place where Yushinkan propagates the traditional Japanese discipline.

Yushinkan mon
Yushinkan mon

The Yushinkan mon