kendo kata at yushinkan

We train the kendo kata on a high level at yushinkan. We do this every 2 weeks. For this, anyone who practices iaido or kendo is welcome in our dojo. Click here to see the next dates for kendo kata practice.

history nippon kendo kata

Kata sequences are part of the curriculum of most modern budo. The kata are preset forms, which can be executed by one or more individuals and are used to learn the essential basic techniques of the martial arts. The current form in which kendo is now practised has been dictated by the Z.N.K.R. in the thirties, but the base of these techniques were predicated many years before by the Dai Nippon Butokukai in cooperation with many great kendo masters from various ryuha.

10 kata

The 10 Nippon Kendo Kata consist of 7 techniques with the long sword (tachi) and 3 techniques with a short sword (kodachi). One person will be the attacker and the one who will be defeated (uchidachi); the other will be the defender and winner (shidachi). The uchidachi is traditionally the teacher. The weapons are bokuto or wooden practice swords; experts may use iaito or shinken. Just as in iaido, etiquettes at the beginning and end of the kata sequence play a very important role.

Foto: J. van Nispen