The Shinkage ryu Foundation Holland is founded on the 24th of December 2004. Itís objective is to promote the practise of Shinkage ryu, as taught by Kashima Kiyotaka sensei, Akita Moriji sensei, Matsuoka Yoshitaka sensei, or his rightful successor Kinomoto Miyuki sensei, in the Netherlands or, as a request by Matsuoka sensei, on an European level. The foundation tries to accomplish this by organizing training sessions, seminars and meetings, demonstrations, presentations and lectures, maintaining the website, www.shinkageryu.nl, and accomplish alignment with the N.K.R. The foundation also has a close partnership with its sister organisations in Japan and Europe.


The kamon of the Shinkage ryu Foundation Holland is the daki myoga: two branches of a ginger plant embracing each other and the mi (treasure) within. This mon was given to Yushinkan in 2002 by Ishido sensei. The Japanese ginger is a very tough, perpetual plant, symbolising perseverance. Written with different kanji, the word myoga also means 'blessings from the gods.' The mon was officially used by the Horike, a small Tozama daimyo-family in Nagano Ken and the Nabeshima family of Saga on Kyushu, known from the Hagakure. The dake myoga are also associated with the Yushinkan dojo of Nakayama sensei in Tokyo.


The website of Shinkage ryu Foundation Holland can be found at:


Mon Stichting Shinkage ryu Nederland