The foundation Yushinkan is a dojo in Utrecht, founded in 1998 to practise iaido. Nowadays iaido and kendo are practised. These are both traditional Japanese martial arts. Iaido is teached by David Smits and Elaine van Ommen Kloeke, kendo by Bauyrzhan Murzamadiyev. The foundation cooperates with a hugh number of foreign teachers and foundations outside of Europe and in Japan. For information you can send an e-mail to info@yushinkan.com or call +31 (0)6 42 40 43 94


Orientation course
Interested in iaido? Yushinkan plans to start a new orientation course iaido at the 6th of February 2018.
For more information on starting opportunities please click here or send an email to info@yushinkan.com or telephone +31 (0)6 51 40 64 10.

Dutch championships teams iaido 2017, Utrecht
In the 25th of June, the dutch championships teams for iaid were held in Utrecht. A total of ten teams competed for the first national title. Seven members from Yushinkan participated. A 100% Yushinkan team, consisting of Stan Engelen, Rick van de Hoef and Bayu van Houten, called 'Unagi' came in third. Sander Filon and Inti Suarez formed a team together with Baukje Weber from our sisterdojo Kodokan. Their team was called 'Me no ue no tankobu' and won first price! Besides competitors, Yushinkan also provided several referees and volunteers. Yushinkan can look back at a successful tournament

Kendo - Dutch national championships kyu 2017, Vlaardingen
On the 18th of June, the Dutch national championships kyu for kendo were held in Vlaardingen. This was the first time Yushinkan members participated. All participants showed good matches. Rick van de Hoef won the Fighting Spirit Prize.

Dutch national championships 2017, Rotterdam
On the 2nd of April, the Dutch national championships jodo and iaido were held in Rotterdam. Yushinkan members were very successful. Bayu van Houten won the the mudan (no dan) category. Yushinkan-guest Baur Murza won the shodan (1st dan) category. Rick van Houten won the sandan (3rd dan) catergory, whereas Sander Filon won the bronze medal. Stan Engelen won the yondan (4th dan) category. Both Piotr Kukla and David Smits participated in the godan (5th dan) category, Piotr won the gold and David took second place. Great results

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Foto: M. Doorduyn

Kyoto Budocenter.
Foto: M. Doorduyn