The foundation Yushinkan is a dojo in Utrecht, founded in 1998 to practise iaido. Nowadays iaido, kendo and jujutsu are practised. These are all three traditional Japanese martial arts. Iaido is teached by David Smits and Elaine van Ommen Kloeke, kendo by Bauyrzhan Murzamadiyev and jujutsu by Theo Phillips. The foundation cooperates with a hugh number of foreign teachers and foundations outside of Europe and in Japan. For information you can send an e-mail to info@yushinkan.com or call +31 (0)6 42 40 43 94


Orientation course
Interested in iaido? Yushinkan plans to start a new orientation course iaido at the beginning of 2018.
For more information on starting opportunities please click here or send an email to info@yushinkan.com or telephone +31 (0)6 51 40 64 10.

Dutch national championships 2017, Rotterdam
On the 2nd of April, the Dutch national championships jodo and iaido were held in Rotterdam. Yushinkan members were very successful. Bayu van Houten won the the mudan (no dan) category. Yushinkan-guest Baur Murza won the shodan (1st dan) category. Rick van Houten won the sandan (3rd dan) catergory, whereas Sander Filon won the bronze medal. Stan Engelen won the yondan (4th dan) category. Both Piotr Kukla and David Smits participated in the godan (5th dan) category, Piotr won the gold and David took second place. Great results

Ishidocup 2017, Vianen
On the 28th of Januari, the Ishidocup took place in Vianen. David Smits won the godan (5th dan) category by beating Piotr Kukla (silver) in the finals. Stan Engelen won the yondan (4th dan) category, Jacky Visser came in thirth in that same category.

New dangrades
Iaido examinations were held during a big iaido/kendo/jodo seminar in December in Brussel. Four members of Yushinkan passed their examinations: Floris Kruyne and Rutger Kruitwagen are now shodan, whereas Arne and Jasper Helthuis now have their yondan!
Jacky Visser and Stan Engelen both did yondan examination In addition to a trip to Japan in order to train directly under the supervision of Matsuoka sensei and Kinomoto sensei. Both passed!

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Foto: M. Doorduyn

Kyoto Budocenter.
Foto: M. Doorduyn