The foundation Yushinkan is a dojo in Utrecht, founded in 1998 to practise iaido. Nowadays iaido and kendo are practised. These are both traditional Japanese martial arts. Iaido is taught by David Smits (Renshi, rokudan), Elaine van Ommen Kloeke (Renshi, rokudan) and Piotr Kukla (rokudan). Kendo taught by Carlos Martinez (sandan). The foundation cooperates with a high number of foreign teachers and foundations outside of Europe and in Japan. For information you can send an e-mail to info@yushinkan.com or call +31 (0)6 51 40 64 10


Beginners courses We have new beginner courses! Both kendo and iaido will start in September. You can do one of the courses or both. If you go for both you get a lot of discount. Look for all information here.

Iaido – NKR seminar and exams – The Hague
On Saturday 24 September an NKR iaido seminar took place in The Hague. In addition to hard training under the guidance of various nanadan sensei and rokudan sensei, exams were also held. For Yushinkan, no fewer than five people passed their exam. Martine Mussies, Carlos Martinez and Ron Snellens passed their shodan, Bayu van Houten passed his sandan and Pascal Kruijsifix passed his yondan. Well done everyone!

Iaido – EIC – Modena, Italy
In the first weekend of September, the European iaido championships were held in Modena Italy. Several Yushinkanners were selected by the Dutch coach. Prizes were also won by some Yushinkanners. Stan Engelen became 3rd with the Dutch team, Piotr Kukla won the fighting spirit in the rokudan category and Elaine van Ommen Kloeke won bronze in the rokudan category. Congratulations!

Kendo – summer seminar – Amsterdam
Around the weekend of August 13, the traditional kendo summer seminar was held in Amsterdam. Under sweltering conditions, two and a half days of hard training was done. Exams were held on Sunday afternoon. For Yushinkan, Inti Suarez passed his sandan (3rd dan) and Piotr Kukla passed his shodan (1st dan). Two great achievements, congratulations!

Iaido - High grade seminar – Budapest
On the weekend of June 11, 2022, a high-grade seminar was held in Budapest, Hungary. Under the leadership of Kusama Sensei (hanshi, hachidan) and Yamazaki Sensei (hanshi, hachidan) there was a lot of hard training on Saturday and Sunday morning. All this to prepare for the exams on Sunday afternoon. All Yushinkanners who took the exam passed! Florus Kruyne for his sandan (3rd dan), Sander Filon for his godan (5th dan) and Piotr Kukla sensei for his rokudan (6th dan)! A great performance by all three gentlemen, congratulations!

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Foto: M. Doorduyn

Kyoto Budocenter.
Foto: M. Doorduyn