david smits

David Smits was born on the 7th of December 1980 in Arnhem (NL). He started training iaido at Yushinkan in 2002, under the supervision of Joris van Nispen. January 2010 Erwin Stolwijk asked him to take over leadership of the Yushikan dojo. In the same year he also gained his yondan (4th-dan), he successfully completed the Teacher Martial Arts course and Matsuoka sensei granted him permission to teach Shinkage-ryu iaido (koryu). David gained his rokudan (6th dan) in Japan in 2019. David got his shogo Renshi in 2020.

elaine van ommen kloeke

Elaine van Ommen Kloeke shares the leadership of the dojo with David. Elaine and David started doing iaido at the same moment and Elaine also passed for her rokudan in the summer of 2019.

Together they are responsible for providing training in Yushinkan dojo. They also share responsibility for Shinkage-ryu in the Netherlands. To preserve the quality of Shinkage-ryu in the Netherlands the foundation Nederlandse Stichting Shinkage-ryu was formed. As chairman of this foundation, David has close contact with other Shinkage-ryu dojo's both inside and outside of the Netherlands. To realise these goals in the Netherlands, David and Elaine organize koryu and staff training days. Elaine got her shogo Renshi in 2021.

Results David:

1st godan/rokudan Ishidocup 2020
3rd godan DC iaido 2019
2nd godan Ishidocup 2019
2nd godan DC iaido 2018
2nd godan Ishidocup 2018
2nd godan DC iaido 2017
1st godan Ishidocup 2017
1st godan DC iaido 2016
1st godan Ishidocup 2016
1st godan DC iaido 2015
1st godan Ishidocup 2015
1st yondan/godan Norddeutscher Iaido Koryu Taikai 2014
2nd team matches EC iaido 2014
3rd godan EC iaido 2014
1st godan DC iaido 2014
3rd Shinkage taikai Orly 2014
1st godan Ishido Cup 2014
3rd yondan DC iaido 2013
3rd yondan Ishido Cup 2013
2nd yondan/godan DC iaido 2012
1st Shinkage taikai Orly 2012
2nd yondan Ishido Cup 2012
2nd team matches EC iaido 2011
1st yondan DC iaido 2011
1st sandan/yondan Ishido Cup 2011
1st yondan DC iaido 2010
2nd sandan DC iaido 2009
speciale prize Shinkage ryu Taikai 2009
3rd sandan/yondan Ishido Cup 2009
3rd sandan DC iaido 2008
2nd nidan DC 2006
2nd nidan DC iaido 2005
Fighting Spirit Shinkage ryu Taikai 2005
3rd nidan Ishido Cup 2005
2nd dojo Kilat 2004
2nd dojo Kilat 2003

Results Elaine:

3rd rokudan EC 2022
2nd godan DC 2019
1st godan Ishidocup 2019
3rd godan DC 2018
Break because of the birth of two daughters: 2015-2018
2nd teamcompetition EC 2014
2nd godan EC 2014
3rd godan DC 2014
2nd shinkage taikai Orly 2014
Fighting Spirit team comptition EC 2013
2nd yondan DC 2013
1st shinkage taikai Orly 2013
2nd yondan/godan DC 2012
1st yondan Ishidocup 2012
1st shinkage taikai Orly 2011
3rd yondan DC 2010
1st shinkage taikai Orly 2009
3nd sandan DC 2009
3nd team competition EC 2008
1st sandan DC 2008
3rd nidan DC 2006
2nd nidan Ishidocup 2005
3rd shodan DC 2004

Foto: T. Hofkamp

Foto: T. Hofkamp.

Photo: Luc Defraeye.

Elaine van Ommen Kloeke: Ukenagaeshi.
Photo: Luc Defraeye.