An introduction to iaido

There are no age or gender constraints. Iaido can also be a very interesting second or third budo for higher graded budoka in other disciplines like karate, judo, jujitsu, aikido and ofcourse kendo and jodo. Sometimes it's even mandatory for them to choose a second budo.

You are always welcome to our training, there are no obligations involved. Please let us know in advanced.

Introduction course iaido

Are you interested in iaido? There will be a new introduction course which starts at 6th of February of 2018 To apply or for information you can send a mail to or call +31 6 51 40 64 10

Further information

For further information you can send a mail to or by calling David Smits (dojoleader of Yushinkan) at +31 6 41 36 87 94.

Foto: J. van Nispen